PB Musical Stuff…

I use and love my Beard Resophonic Guitars @ http://www.beardguitars.com .

My thumb loves BlueChip JD Reso @ http://www.bluechippick.net .
Thank you Matt !

And my others fingers Propik Reso and Acri Picks @ http://www.elderly.com/brand/PK_propik.html and http://www.acripicks.com/greetings.html .

The Beard rocks with GHS 1600 Cryogenic.

My capo is a Walworth made in Michigan @ http://www.elderly.com/accessories/items/WRGC1.htm .

Webb Reso strap and Martin Gross for my straps.

I use Martina Ruhmann’s flatpick on my guitars. Contact her via FB.


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